Building your career.

  • Marketing

    • Build a personal marketing and branding strategy

    • Securing speaking engagements (nationally and internationally)

    • Secure side endorsement deals

  • Professional evaluations and assistance in:

    • Film

    • Practice

    • Press conferences

    • Current program

    • interview prep

    • networking

    • Contract review

  • job placement

  • Build relationships with athletic directors, conference commissioners, AND SEarch Firms

  • Support during the season, on and off the court 

"I needed someone who wasn't an assistant or my wife to talk to during the season. I didn't have anyone that really understood what I was feeling or going through. I had been to 2 NCAA tournaments, but I didn't have anyone promoting me, and I didn't take advantage of those moments.  I know the ins and outs of the game, the one on the court and the one behind the scenes. I understand and I can help."
--John Shulman, President & CEO