Which airport does my child fly into?

The Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

How is my child transported to camp?

We recommend to fly your child as an “unaccompanied minor,” unless you fly with your child on their flight to the US.  A staff member will pick your child up directly outside of US customs.  An airline staff member will remain with your child from the time they board the plane until they are personally picked up by a camp staff member.  The camp staff member must show ID and be listed as the pickup liaison with the airlines.

Campers will be transported directly to camp on a private bus supervised by camp staff members.

What should I pack?

After registration confirmation a packing list will be mailed out to each camper directly.

Should I buy medical insurance for my child?

Yes, please make sure your child is covered! The camp will also be covered by an insurance policy, there will be trained medical staff on site. With this said, in the case of an emergency, it is necessary to have medical insurance coverage. If your current policy does not cover international travel, you may obtain a low-price policy for child while they are at camp.

Does my child need a visa?

Yes, your child will need a travel visa in order to attend camp.

Should I accompany my child to camp?

Ultimately that is up to you! Most parents do not fly with their child, but you know your child best.  The airlines will not release unaccompanied minors until the proper staff member with identification picks up your child.

What if parents want to travel with their child to The Bridge Academy?

If parents wish to accompany their child to The Bridge Academy please contact 720 Sports Group and we will be able to arrange for accommodations at a hotel near the campus of Tennessee Wesleyan University. There we can get you a discounted rate.