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The Women’s Basketball Academy

The Women's Basketball Academy is a two-day, back to the basics, Xs and Os intensive academy teaching specific offenses and defenses from some of the best and brightest minds in college basketball. In today’s flash and show culture, we cannot forget about the foundation of the game of basketball, Xs and Os. The Women's Basketball Academy will take place on the court and will be one of the most unique learning opportunities that you can attend. The Women's Basketball Academy will help prepare you to take your team to the next level as this intense educational experience will help jump-start your brain as you launch into another basketball season full of opportunity. 720 Sports Group is excited to bring The Womens Basketball Academy to life as you will listen and interact with some of the best minds in the game of basketball. The Women's Basketball Academy will not take place in a classroom or ballroom, and you will not watch as players demonstrate, but instead, we will be on the court learning together with other coaches.


September 28 - September 29


Praters Athletic Flooring 

555 McFarland Avenue

Rossville, GA 30741

HOW MUCH IS THE Women’s Basketball ACADEMY? 

The Women’s Basketball Academy is $150 for Individuals, $125 per person if you bring 2 Coaches and $100 per person if you bring 3 or more Coaches.

WHY HAVE THE women’s Basketball ACADEMY?

I learned the game of basketball on a white board, back in the day, when all coaches did was study Xs and Os together. Times have changed and many coaches have forgotten how to teach the game of basketball. The foundational knowledge of Xs and Os has begun to slowly diminish. With the Women’s Basketball Academy it is time to get back to the basics. I want coaches to gather together once more and learn to teach the game of Basketball with a comprehensive and extensive knowledge of Xs and Os.

WHO IS THE Women’s Basketball ACADEMY FOR?

The Women’s Basketball Academy is for any women’s coach at any level who wants to become a better teacher and communicator of the game of basketball. It is our responsibility as coaches to teach the correct foundations of offense and defense.  At the Women’s Basketball Academy you will get 10 different concepts to help become that better coach and teacher. 

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